Gold, Gold, Where’s the Gold?

It seems that there are still those who are supporting the illusion of the Global Accounts as being some kind of great savior or another.  However, the question that begs to be discussed is whether there is any reasonable justification in believing that at some point there will be some means by which to make available the gold that’s represented by the Global Collateral Accounts for the use of the world’s people.

People swear that the bonds that supposedly were issued in exchange for gold are valid and that others have seen bunkers full of gold.   I don’t disbelieve any of these statements what I find hard to believe is that based on the available facts there will ever be a way to recover the amounts of gold that is represented by the Global Collateral Accounts.

First, let’s take a look at where the world’s gold is to be found and how much gold are we really talking about.   According to an estimate based on all available information in 2011, 49.2% of the world’s gold was in jewelry, 19.26% was in investment form (bars, coins, etc.), 17.2% was held by all of the world’s central banks and governments, 12.14% was in use for industrial purposes, and 2.2% was unaccounted for (probably on the bottom of the ocean).

The estimated amount of total gold ever mined on this planet is approximately 171,300 metric tonnes and at a value at $1500 per troy ounce that gives you a total value of about $8.2 trillion.   Now with the distribution breakdown that was given above the value of the amount of gold held by all of the central banks and governments is only about $1.41 trillion dollars. [A little side note; that puts roughly about $4.0 trillion in jewelry, hence, the reason so many people are willing to buy your old gold jewelry]

The U.S. according to the U.S. Treasury at the end of September 2014 had about 8,133 metric tonnes of gold with a value of just over $11 billion.   I question the 8,133 number as the export/import figures for the amounts of gold going into and out of the U.S. from 1991 to 2011 shows that we shipped over 5,000 tonnes more gold out of the country than we imported.   That raises the question as to where did the gold come from to send that much out of the country?

According to numbers I saw tossed around about how much would be owed to the holders of those notes that were issued in exchange for the gold represented by the Global Accounts I heard numbers in the trillions of dollars.   If they are expecting payment in gold then the U.S. doesn’t even claim to have enough to do that with and knowing how much we have been shipping out without offsetting shipments in I would guess that they are definitely a lot shorter than that.

Even if the numbers used to estimate the total amount of gold on the planet is low they are not going to be that far off.   Gold isn’t that plentiful on this planet, that’s why it is so valuable to begin with and has been chased after since man first discovered it.

I don’t doubt that people have seen bunkers with gold in them.  Marcos while he was in control of the Philippines required that all gold sold there had to be sold to the government.   He supposedly then routed all that gold into bunkers that he had built underneath all of the palaces that he lived in.  I’m sure that people actually visited those bunkers and saw lots of gold stacked in them but that is not going to help the situation with the Global Accounts.  It doesn’t take a lot of gold to look like an enormous amount, it’s rather bulky.

The question then is how do you know that the U.S. government even has any gold to pay someone off with?   If there is no gold to use to pay off the debt even to the tune of the original amount what are they going to do, accept dollars?

Not only do I have a problem believing that there is enough gold in the coffers of the U.S. to pay off this debt but I also have a problem with the notion that you could find a U.S. judge that would entertain allowing a lawsuit that could devastate the U.S. economy.

I have the same attitude toward this as I do toward those protesters who believe that the Internal Revenue Code is illegal and that a Federal judge would ever rule in such a way as to declare it null and void.  I simply ask the tax protester if they really think that a judge would intentionally put themselves in the history books as being the one person who singlehandedly brought the entire U.S. economy to a crash.  After a bit of thought they usually see the rational point that regardless of whether the law is right or wrong no judge is going to do something so stupid.

Imagine if you will a lawsuit coming before a Federal judge involving the issue of the Global Accounts.   If I was a judge my first move would be exactly what the judge in the original case did.  I would set the stage for a dismissal based on lack of jurisdiction.  You’ve got a case that when you get down to the base elements is between foreign nationals and the U.S. government.

Here’s the problem with that case; U.S. case law establish sovereignty against a suit being brought against the government unless you have the government’s permission to sue them.   Not much chance that you’ll ever get that permission.

Then if all else fails, the fact that there are no Treasury records that even shows that notes in the denominations depicted have ever been printed by the Treasury is prima facie evidence that the notes produced are fakes.   No way that there isn’t enough reasons that a Federal judge can find that will guarantee that the outcome of the case will be any thing other than in favor of preventing harm to American citizens.

So real, fake doesn’t matter the outcome is going to always be the same.

Commentary On David Wilcock’s Additional November 12, 2014 Post-“Things Are Ramping Up….”

{A copy of David’s November 12 additional post entitled “Things Are Ramping Up VERY Quickly.. We Are Going To See Major People Getting Knocked Off” can be found here:}

In David’s comments he talks about lots of new people are coming forward.   I would assume that from his comments he has been talking with these people.   My concern would be that if they are just now coming on the scene I would take anything they had to say under advisement until the new comers could be properly vetted.   I would at least preface anything received from them or corroborated by them with disclaimers.

He talks about an Alliance that will “get the planet back” through “behind-the-scenes” efforts at least for some period of time to come.   I would love to accept this on face value but I know that to try to keep an organization that supposedly is global in scale and set on the destruction of those who have an agenda secret from the very same elitist power seekers would be almost impossible.

Reality check!  If the elitist have infiltrated governments as much as I know they have then all the resources of those governments would be at the disposal of the power seekers and anything remotely related to a viable organized resistance to their goals would be summarily dealt with.   If they have been manipulating and controlling events for hundreds if not thousands of years without being exposed then they know not only how to protect and cloak themselves but to efficiently eliminate any threats to their existence without exposure as well.

To protect and hide anyone who would oppose them with any type of success would take the resources of a major government such as the United States.  If virtually all the major governments in the world has been compromised by the elitist such a safe harbor isn’t likely to exist.

More over David talks about how their actions would result in us seeing “major people getting knocked off and it will be made to look like accidents”.  Let me tell you from experience that if you are working on a project such as he eluded to the last thing you would do would be to give any information to anyone that would see that information published on the internet in any shape or form.  Rationally, don’t you think that allowing such information to be published openly would jeopardize the mission by placing any targets on alert and place the mission members in unnecessary harm’s way by revealing the existence of the mission before you can even attempt to carry it out?

If this is how the Alliance works then I have low expectations for any success from them.  To pull off any type of covert action such as that described would require the highest levels of secrecy until after the fact.  Think the secrecy surrounding D-Day!

The resistance in German occupied countries in WWII were only as successful as was the secrecy of their existence and to the acts they pulled off before they occurred.   It would have been irrational for them to provide that they were going to blow up a train before they did it to someone who would publish their plans in the newspaper.  That’s pretty much what we see here with David’s commentary.

He talks about that the “most intriguing new tidbit was that it will reach a point where everybody knows about the Cabal”.  If you really want that to happen then you need to devise a campaign similar to the one that sold the public on the greenhouse gas caused climate change.  You would have to present credible evidence of their existence and what they have done with at least some level of substantiation.  That would include naming names and showing their direct or indirect involvement in known events or happenings.

At least in the U.S., the media can’t truly be mandated to do anything as David implies that the media will be forced to tell the truth.   The only way that would be possible is if someone actually took control of the media outlets either by force, coercion, or otherwise and then it wouldn’t necessarily be the “truth and nothing but the truth” as it could easily be manipulated into being nothing more than propaganda for a new set of players.

David speaks to the issue of a “secret space program” and that disclosure of involvement with ETs will be part of this new effort to bring about changes.  I have no doubt that there has been contact with and knowledge of ETs by the government for some time.  Confirmation of that contact by the government or even proof of that contact by earth based humans may occur sometime soon or it may not.

However, I am firmly convinced there will be no confirmation by ETs themselves unless those ETs have agendas of their own that involve earth humans somehow.   The reason I say this is because I KNOW without any doubt that the two prime driving factors that all higher level spiritual beings adhere to in this universe is the directives not to violate free will in any way and to not bring any harm of any kind to anything in the universe.

Openly contacting the human population on this planet before we reach a high enough spiritual level would inflict both free will violation and bring harm to many people here by forced destruction of their belief systems resulting in emotional anguish and perhaps even physical harm.   That type of damage and harm would never be knowingly inflicted upon anyone or anything in this universe by the higher order entities within this universe.

David wraps up his comments with a quote about seeing the arrest and prosecution of top banksters, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and anyone who has been violating the law.  I ask you to consider that if the elitist have infiltrated the government, judicial system, health system, educational system, etc., by direct or indirect means and influence; who is going to arrest them, who is going to prosecute them, and what judicial system is going to try them?

I do accept the allegation that there are wealthy individuals who firmly believe that the best future for this planet is for them to have the entire world under their total absolute control.   I accept that they believe that they and they alone know the best way to handle the over-population problem that faces this planet.   I accept that the wealthiest of the wealthy have manipulated control of most of the major vital corporations of the world for themselves.  I accept the fact that they have leveraged their control through the creation and formation of organizations like Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, and others.  I accept the fact that the elitist power seekers have little or no respect for the great “unwashed” and believe that domination of us by them is justified and ordained.

By acceptance of these things, I know that the “arrest and prosecution” of their top echelon minions will not be easily done in the U.S. as the judges that have been confirmed to the Federal judiciary have been most often perverted to the will of the elite or at the very least tending toward being fully indoctrinated by the elitist built educational system into thinking in manner.  The arrest of these individuals will in time come to past but it will take time much time before the average person comes on line with the knowledge to understand the need for these things to be done.

Comments on David Wilcock’s November 12, 2014 Commentary

{If you haven’t read David’s comments you can find a copy here:}

I have a lot of respect for David’s ability to do research and to organize that research into a marketable book, however, there are things about David’s outlook on matters that I do take exception with.

I agree with David that there is no real political choice left in the U.S. as both parties are so controlled by elitist that voting for one is the same as voting for another.   I do, however, think David does those that follow him an injustice by trying to place blame on one party or one group of politically oriented people to the exclusion of the evidence.

His misconception that the “government shutdown” was harmful misses the mark! First, pretenses must be maintained of an illusion of choice for the masses so “conflict” between the parties must be maintained.   That illusion falls apart if you simply ask hard questions about why neither party presses the advantage when things are so blatantly out of whack.  Secondly, the so-called “government shutdown” brought harm to absolutely no one.   Government workers were impacted by having to stay home and not go to work but were paid for those days off after the “settlement” so they weren’t harmed.  Checks were distributed to those who receive disbursements from the government rendering no harm there as well.   So I have to ask, “David, where is the harm that you so casually talk about”?

Furthermore, your constant referral to Neocon’s is misleading in that conservatives aren’t the only ones at issue here.  The only factor about conservatives is that they may represent a political belief system different than your own but are neither right or wrong, good or bad.

Instead of some politically depraved people being even a contributing factor, what I see is a global elite that would like to control everything about the U.S. including all aspects of our “way of life”.   I note that those that belong to that elite come from all walks of life and it would appear as if they can be found across the political spectrum.   These elites have embedded themselves in the parties representing both sides and/or have managed to take control or manipulate enough politicians to control both major political parties.

When I look at the elites I see a lot of familiar names; on the “conservative” side I see Bush, Hunt, and others and names like Gates, Soros, Clinton, and others on the “liberal” side.   What they all share are groups like Bilderberger and Bohemian Grove.   Attendees at functions of these groups are often the very same people whether considered left or right and are without regard to political affiliation except for their belief that they should be “running the world”.

So why don’t we just stop trying to use name calling and simply face the fact that it is the masses against those that believe they are “the powers that should decide everything”.   It doesn’t matter who is in control of the government the end result is going to always be what is in the best interests of TPTB until the American people decide to make it different than that.

As for the Rochefeller/Israeli faction being represented by either party, may I ask, when was the last time that Congress controlled by either party went against the interests of that faction?   As far as I know they haven’t since Israel was created from Palestine by the UN after WWII.   I don’t see where trying to create a division between those that are being unjustly treated accomplishes anything.

David, you are correct in that those that voted for something different did so for entirely different reasons. They voted that way due mostly to disgust with the conditions that they find themselves in.   The long term unemployed stands at over 3 million Americans and you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know or has someone close to them that is in that group.

Most are tired of the constant struggle to make ends meet since the rate of inflation since Obama has been in office is at 12% while the wage earner’s real weekly earnings are only up 0.3%.   Food stamp recipients are up 44% which speaks to the dropping level of household incomes that is effecting most Americans.

Although unemployment numbers are given at around 6% that doesn’t take into consideration those that were dropped from the count simply because they are considered to no longer be looking for work.  Additionally, Americans live in stress of losing the jobs they have because if, god forbid, they do the average length of unemployment is still nearly 9 months before you can find a new job.   The jobs that people finally got as the “new” jobs were created weren’t in the higher hourly wage jobs they lost but in lower hourly wage jobs that were created.

Take a look at home ownership; the number of people who own their homes today is 20% less than it was in 2008 with the prospect of home ownership growing more remote all the time.   Don’t you think that also has something to do with the dissatisfaction?

You are right they are no longer buying the lie that things are better and are getting better because the people know it isn’t.   So yeah, what they voted for what may not turn out to be any better but they are hoping that at least a message is being sent to the Republicans as well as to the Democrats that lack of consideration of the needs of the people will not be tolerated.

Simply because the electorate decided to seek change doesn’t equate to any kind of “last chance” for the Republicans!   Just as the Democrats have done since 2008, they will continue to support the policies and attitudes that benefit TPTB.  The population will look and hope for an alternative but unless some independent person who can lead appears from nowhere there will be a constant back and forth shifting until the government collapses or is taken over outright by the elite.   If it collapses whether forced by economic conditions or by other means what will rise from the ashes, if the people aren’t careful, will be a totalitarian dictatorship which will give TPTB exactly what it is waiting for.  Once that happens it will be much harder to displace them but not impossible.

If Putin and the Chinese dumps their holdings of U.S. T-Notes all at once they just might shoot themselves in the foot.   Such a move could cause a sufficient backlash in the global markets that it would cause a devaluing of their own currencies to the point of causing harm to their own people.   Yet on the other hand that might not be such a bad thing.   If conditions around the world got bad enough maybe there would be enough of a “hitting the bottom” that the entire planet could come out of it creating a better place entirely.  But on the other hand that just might be the opening that the elite needs to take over world domination.

You speak of countries printing new currencies but what value would it have beyond what the current currency has?   Simply printing money doesn’t give it value.  What gives it value is the productivity of the people that use that currency and what others are wiling to trade for that currency.  If the world economy is forced to collapse who would buy what is produced?  If a country produces a new currency what incentive would there be for any other country to accept the new currency?  What you are taking about isn’t simply replacing currency but the creation of a new economic system.

[I see David has added some additional comments and I’ll comment on those tomorrow.]

NESARA, Global Accounts, Rapture, ETs; Who or What is going to save YOU?

Wouldn’t it be just grand if we didn’t need to do anything for ourselves and someone else would come along, bail us out of the mess we’ve created, make us instantly wealthy, and bring on the new age without us lifting a finger?

Now everyone who is convinced that any of this is really going to happen move to the left side of the room.   The rest of us needs to move over to the right side of the room so we can have a little conversation about reality.

As I talk about in the pages associated with this blog, I’m pretty much weird and have a different type of philosophical and political viewpoint.   Because of those two factors, plus others, I often sit back take things in and then just mull them over.   Such has been the case with all of the feel good, I don’t have to do anything solutions to the current conditions we find ourselves in.

Anyone who truly believes that ETs will come in to release us from the influence of TPTB [The Powers That Be] or some miracle act will relieve us of the ongoing exercise of survival will badly misinformed should consider a reality check.

What is it going to take to get people to readily see that nothing changes in their personal lives until they take responsibility for it and make change happen?  Just as that is the reality as to our personal lives it is also the reality in our homes, communities, states or provinces, nations and planet as a whole.

Changes happen in our relationships and homes only after we start to change the way we are.   Once we understand that it is not what the other person does that creates the problem but how we react and what we do that is at issue.   It’s not that a husband leaves his socks on the bedroom floor but how we react to the socks being on the floor of the bedroom that contributes to the problem.

If we react by getting angry and yelling about them leaving their socks lying around what do we expect but an angry confrontation in return.   We should try to look at why do we react in such an extreme manner to find out what truly is the issue that lies hidden underneath.   By changing how we perceive the events in our lives and what constitutes right and wrong reaction does our energies begin to effect others into making changes themselves.

Thus by each of us making individual changes does the social memory complex fabric begin to change in such a manner that the actions of the individuals are molded into a more cohesive harmony.  Only by changing the “moral” standards which we dictate to be acceptable behavior will we get the world to change.

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.”


Common Law and Sovereignty-Not The Answer!

Because of my occupation I have been around the sovereignty movement for most of 30 years.  Yes it’s that old and has been around a long time.   Just like the old time snake oil salesmen, I’ve seen the sovereignty concept pitched for use for just about everything.

As for the current common law/sovereignty movement, the underlying desire and hunger for change and something better which is systemic to the current conditions we find ourselves in today is the foundation being used for personal sovereignty being pitched as the way to gain fulfillment of those desires and hunger pangs.

The problem with that is it is purely based on a lack of knowledge and the failure to be open minded enough to not see all effecting factors.  There is no such thing as personal sovereignty!  Sovereignty is supreme power or authority over something and that something is usually control or the governing of a group of people.  Truthfully we don’t and can never have supreme authority or power over these bodies we inhabit at all.  The mere fact we can’t control the health or death of it should be sufficient to make that point obvious.

Back to a more direct point, let’s begin with an overly simplified investigation of what is “common law”.  Common law is what arose in the 12th and 13th centuries as civilizations, especially the civilizations on the British Isle, came out of the “dark ages”.  The justice system that existed prior to that was a chaotic system based on feudal law over ridden by the authority of the monarchy.  Under that system each feudal estate was under the control of the local landowner who set the laws for his estate but owed allegiance to and was subject to the taxation of the crown.

As an example of how the free man faced justice, If I was to steal an apple on one estate I might be made to do sufficient extra work until I paid for that apple with the amount of work determined by the head of the feudal estate.  On another estate for the theft of an apple I might be placed in some type of confinement for 10 years.

The system of justice was riddled with inequity.  To attempt to solve the problem the English system began evolving not because of the inequity for the common people but because those of titled nobility got tired of the burdensome actions of the monarchy.

This evolving was manifested through the creation of certain documents that specified that limited the power of the monarchy and established certain rights for the nobles which bled down to the common people.

What came out of the discontent of the nobles began, as far as the legal system was concerned, with basically three different courts being established within the English system.  Laws were drawn up and put into place by a two house parliamentary system.

It was the duty of the crown to enforce the laws while the courts decided how those laws were applied.

As the courts decided, or issued rulings, on how those laws were to be applied in various circumstances those rulings then became how they were used in applying the laws to future cases.   This then is truly what is “common law” and to be more specific the common law as we know it is really something called case based law.

[Remember I said this was an overly simplified view so don’t ding too hard with the comments!]

What most people today are thinking about when they refer to “common law” is more akin to the inalienable rights that Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence.  They are trying to say that each of us at birth have certain rights that should be sacrosanct.  They see that even that “rights” are being abused and infringed upon by those abusers of power.  They desire to regain a semblance of being in control and they look for a way to protect those rights and make them inviolable.

They have reasoned that the people have a right to do whatever necessary to seek out the way to make them inviolable.  Someone then came along and said look I have the solution and its based upon the “common law”.  But the “common law” that they seem to think exists, doesn’t and never has.

The promoters of this approach then came up with something they are calling a common law jury. The create this system for creating and running these juries but when they try to give it legitimacy through historical precedent that they go astray.

Since there has never been anything even close to what they are trying to create or remotely conceived of in any document, for them to say the power rests in common law is a fallacy and deception.

They point to the U.S. grand jury system and use a single statement by a single judge as proof.  However, if you research the case the statement was made in regards to you find it was referring to a very limited definition of a single characteristic of the grand jury system.

The grand jury that exists in the U.S. Constitution was created to correct a flaw in the English case law or common law system.  In the English system at the time of the American Revolution the representative of the English crown had the sole authority to decide who and with what crime a person was charged with.  This of course led to abuse of power by the representatives of the crown, hence, the need to limit the power of the representatives of the government.

To correct that abuse of power problem the founders of this country established a panel of peers system to decide and determine when there was cause enough for a person to be charged and tried of a crime.  The way that system is implemented has evolved through the years influenced by our three branch and checks and balances system.

To begin the process a representative of the government (Federal prosecutor) has to convince a Federal district judge that there is sufficient reason to believe that it would be in the best interest of the welfare of the people to seat a grand jury.  The prosecutor has to prove that it is in the best interest of the people to further determine whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant charging a person with a crime.

Once a judge is satisfied he will authorize the calling of jurors to make up a grand jury.  A grand jury is composed of between 16 and 23 members and most times with 2-3 alternates.  To protect the “target” of a grand jury investigation and the identity of those  testifying in case there is no indictment the work and session of a grand jury are secret.

That doesn’t mean that the “target” of a grand jury isn’t made aware of the presence of a grand jury investigating something about them as all grand juries issues a letter, called a target letter, to those that the grand jury will be focusing upon.  Those targeted by the grand jury are given the opportunity if they so choose to appear before the grand and give testimony but the government cannot compel them to testify.

A grand jury does not have unlimited time to make up their minds whether to indict or not.   A Federal grand jury is limited to 18 months plus one 6 month extension to reach agreement on an indictment or fail to indict.  To reach indictment only requires that 12 members of the 16-23 members of the grand jury reach agreement for an indictment.

The biggest problem with the grand jury system is a tendency for the grand jurors to believe that even if there really isn’t enough evidence to prove the crime that the next phrase will correct any mistakes they may make.  [Hence, the old remark that a Federal prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich for murder.]  Once a “target” is indicted they are then arrested, processed and then goes through the long period until he gets his day in court to face the determination of whether they are found to be innocent or guilty.

However, the fallacy in the notion that the grand jury’s findings are cushioned by the system is that simply having to endure the arrest and trial process usually winds up destroying the person even if they turn out to be not guilty.

What the common law/sovereignty movement is trying to do today is create some kind of pseudo-grand jury.  However, there is no grounds of legitimacy or legality for the existence of such a jury.  The minimum that would be needed for such a jury to have any power would be societal acceptance, which is sorely lacking. Without a basis to draw the power for simply existence from then the actions of the so-called common law jury becomes nothing more than kangaroo justice and vigilantism.

The more they try to “indict” people on grounds not truly supported by legal evidence but instead upon human emotion, the more they will be seen as a lunatic fringe element as bad if not worse than the ones they claim to be against.   You cannot end tyranny by using the tactics of a tyrant yourself.

They try to convince others and justify themselves by speaking to those longings, desires and characteristics which are inherit traits in all people to want to be free.   They try to justify that because there have been those who have been prone to abuse of power that the only way to correct the situation is to “take justice into your own hands”.

All this will do over time is lead to violence in some form or the other by either members of the movement itself or by the government in “protection” of those being targeted by the common law juries.

Those basic human traits at the heart of all of this can, in most cases, be defined as rights.   These would of course include the right to exist and be, the right to do as one pleases as long as what you do doesn’t infringe upon another individuals right to do as they please, and the right to do whatever one wants to make themselves happy as long as you do not infringe upon others’ right to find happiness as well.  These are the most common of those human traits to which we should be entitled to simply because we exist as a human.  These are also the inalienable rights that I spoke of earlier that Jefferson saw as so important, so fundamental, that he addressed those same rights in the Declaration of Independence.

I agree with the desire that change needs to come but disagree with the how it should come to pass.  The United States was created to be the bellwether for this planet to show how a nation can be a leader in the area of personal liberties.  However, a few men from the very beginning have tried their very greatest to usurp that power and distort it to their own use creating a delay in the achievement of our nation’s highest and best purpose.

Change will come when the people themselves have become weary of being the downtrodden.   No person can be forced to succumb to the will of another without his own willingness to allow it.

Are there times when there is a price to pay for taking such a stand? Absolutely!   Is it too high a price to pay?  Never!

The only thing that keeps one from standing strong against tyranny is fear.   Fear mostly of death and dying.  If one can overcome that fear then the battle is won.

If tomorrow morning when the sun arose 200 million Americans said, “no more will we allow our liberties to be trampled”, those who are attempting to subject us to their will could not ever create enough force to be successful.

All it will take for lasting permanent change is a leader to appear that will guide this nation toward a new beginning, a new life, a new dawn where the rights of the individual not the rights of the masses is the primary focus of this country.   A leader that will be the captain that will steer this country into an era of economic growth and prosperity.  A leader with vision and integrity.

Such people do exist!  We had such a leader to some degree in John Kennedy but he was too much too soon without the support that he needed to make him unstoppable.  Now is the time, we only need to find the person.  LET THE SEARCH BEGIN!


Who is Neil Keenan?

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching both the common law/sovereign movement and Neil Keenan.  Neil has bothered me every since he popped onto the scene but it seemed harmless enough in the beginning so I just let it go.

However, I’m beginning to see a side of Neil’s work that truly has the hairs on my neck standing on end.  With my gut telling me to get off the dime I did some checking.

Since I know Neil filed that global accounts case (I checked out the global accounts right away and we’ll get to that later) I started with the Federal Court system.  First thing I found was that Neil F. Keenan not only had been involved in the global accounts case in 2011 but he had also been involved in 6 other Federal civil lawsuits dating back to as early as 1986.  Of those six cases two were filed in Rhode Island and the other 4 in the Florida Southern District.

I’ll come back to those Federal cases momentarily.  The Florida/Rhode Island connection led me to search both of those states for Neil F. Keenan.  In Rhode Island I found Neil F. Keenan and Neil Keenan Associates in Newport, Rhode Island establishing Neil’s connection to Rhode Island which was confirmed by one of the Federal civil cases, more on that later.   Additionally, when I checked for Neil F. Keenan in Rhode Island I found numerous case of DUI, driving on suspended license, driving on revoked license, driving with no license, etc.   In and of itself is not all that damning except for the fact that it shows an attitude of disregard for the law.

When I did a check for Neil in Florida I got more of a surprise.  In 1983 Neil F. Keenan, date of birth 9/10/51, place of birth Rhode Island, was charged and sentenced to the Florida Department of Corrections for trafficing in cocaine, delivery of controlled substances, and cocaine possession with intent for sale or purchase.

In those Federal lawsuits, anything older than about 1996 the actual case materials is not available through the electronic access system so any information beyond filing date, closing date and what the nature of the filing is would have to be done in person at the actual court where they were filed.

The oldest Federal case was in 1986 and it was a motion to vacate sentence filing, filed in Florida Southern District-case #86-cv-00325, and may have been related to his 1983 drug conviction or it may not have been.  Either way it was an attempt to vacate or overturn a sentence that probably was issued by a Federal court.  The next newest case was in 1987, 87-cv-00922, and was a Habeas Corpus filing and can only be related to some issue whereby a court had control of Keenan.

Moving to the next newest, 93-cv-00785, the case was titled Keenan v. United States it also was a motion to vacate sentence.  What bothers me is that it is a filing against the United States for vacating a sentence implying that Keenan was sentenced at some point by the Federal system but I have not been able to locate any cases that would have resulted in him being Federally sentenced.  But because of the way the Federal Rules of Procedure are structured a motion to vacate can only be filed after you receive a sentence and for no other reason.

There were two cases in 1995, both filed in Rhode Island district. The first 95-cv-00511 was filed by Neil, plaintiff, against Carla Jo Wagenstein, Donald J. Blackburn, John R. Simpson, and the USA, defendants.   It was a civil rights violation filing.  What bothers me is that all of the defendants were all represented by someone from the US attorney’s office which means they were either all government employees or were witnesses that may have provided testimony that were being sued.  Results was a judgement in favor of the defendants in the case.

The other 1995 case, 95-cv-00557, Keenan v. U.S. Parole Commission, and was a motion to vacate sentence which was ultimately denied. Here again is a filing of a motion to vacate sentence.  Federal Rules of Procedure limits motions to vacate sentence to one attempt and placing a time limit on how long you have to file.  I think the limitation is 1 year but I’d have to check.  Since there is a single time limitation for any particular sentence, the multiple filings to vacate sentence implies that there should be multiple sentences given to Neil F. Keenan.

The last case is the interesting one.  It was filed in 1998 by Neil Keenan and Neil Keenan Associates against a slew of people and entities including Aer Lingus and British Airways.  The suit alleges that Neil got into business with some people who became greedy and decided to get Neil out of the picture so that could profit from his connections without having to give him any money.   Neil contended in the lawsuit, which was filed in Florida, that some of his partners got him arrested in the Dominican Republic by planting drugs in his hotel room.  When I read about what Neil F. Keenan got into with these guys it rings so much like basically an attempted quick money scheme in which the prime players turned on one another out of greed.

It would also seem that the people Neil F. Keenan got into business with were somewhat on the seedy side.  Doesn’t say much for business ethics unless of course the kind of business you were conducting would call for working with those types of individuals.

Last we have Neil’s filing on the global accounts in 2011.  As we all know it was filed with great fanfare in the New York Southern District.  The interesting thing is that less than a year later the suit quietly went away when Neil filed a letter of dismissal with the court.  Had Neil not filed the letter of dismissal he would have had to within days of the dismissal filing have to have been able to prove to the court that they had jurisdiction.  Problem is that the court wouldn’t have asked for that unless they were already pretty much convinced they didn’t have jurisdiction.  Considering the defendants that were named in the lawsuit, I agree, the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case so failing to prove to the court that they had jurisdiction it would have been dismissed with prejudice meaning that it would not ever be able to file again.

I find it strange that the matter of jurisdiction wasn’t addressed before the case was filed.   But seeing the work Neil F. Keenan did on the civil filings where he represented himself I can understand how it could have been ignored.

Now for the global accounts.  When I first heard about Neil F. Keenan and these accounts I did some digging on that supposed gold.  Here’s the problem I have.  The official records at the Treasury and Bureau of Engraving and Printing does not show that they ever printed sufficient notes or bonds to have been used for giving to the Chinese in exchange for their gold.  Since there is no official record either they were printed off record or were printed by some other agency (CIA?).   Either way with no record of them being legitimate notes and bonds the U.S. will never acquiesce to them being real and will always say they are fakes.   Therefore, there is no way to ever convince a reputable court of jurisdiction to order the U.S. to pay up or produce gold.

If the intent was to rip off the gold from the very beginning which is what is implied by Neil F. Keenan then don’t you think that the CIA would be smart enough to bury one or more “flaws” in the printing to always be able to declare any of them that were presented for payment as being fakes?   Who would have been sharp enough to notice that the certificates given in exchange for the gold was fakes?  Now you have fake certificates and no way to prove that the gold was ever taken by the U.S. government.  Give the bad guys credit, they have been around doing these kinds of things hundreds if not thousands of years.  Anyone doing what they have done this long is not stupid.

Additionally, I have found numerous cases where these notes, bonds, supporting documentation, and even the tins they were supposedly transported in are being truly certified as fakes.  I had to laugh I found one case where the box had a flag on it with 50 stars.  Hawaii didn’t become the 50th state until 1959.  Give me a break.

If you go here:, you will find that did a piece on these things back in 2003 which includes a couple of news stories on them.  Further searching for things like Chinese gold treasury notes turns up lots of interesting tidbits.

As for the off ledger account book and the blue book, until someone has them authenticated using paper, ink, and binding analysis I’m not accepting them as anything more than produced documentation to help sell the idea.   You will find that the ones that have been certified fakes usually comes complete with documentation and coins that seem to prove the authenticity of the notes and bonds.  Problem is that often the coins have flaws or errors or are of a denomination or design that has never been minted.  The documentation although made to look old and appropriate always fails the testing done by the independent experts.

As for the common law/sovereign problem I’ll address that in another post.


The origins of how everything came to be began with the creation of a cause that resulted in an effect; a cause that you will soon see that grew out of a concern for the self-interest of a singularity, Creator, the unmanifested.  A cause originating in the imagination of Creator and that was not allowed to come into being haphazardly but one that was allowed existence only after consideration of the effects such a cause would create.

Everything came TO BE eons upon eons upon eons ago in a time before history, before memory, when there was NO-THINGSNESS, when there was a state of NON-BEING.  A state in which probabilities and possibilities are known and anticipated but cannot be expressed.  Out of this state came first energy and then over eons of existence the energy began to form consciousness or intelligence.  This primal genesis energy was ALL THAT IS.  It became aware of itself and from that awareness evolved the power to create but without the KNOWING of the how to use the power to produce.  Within its consciousness MIND formed and within MIND the ability to imagine slowly was born; imagining within MIND then formed the ability to create a DESIRE within itself.

Within this boundless, limitless imagination of MIND were thoughts of universe upon universe of possibilities.  Within MIND, these possibilities took on vivid form; as they took more and more definitive form there grew a stronger and stronger DESIRE for BEING.

Each thought within Creator, ALL THAT IS, UNIVERSAL MIND, became an entity unto itself but yet still residing within MIND.  Each entity was a form made of particles of energy.  As DESIRE grew within MIND; MIND formed a NEED, a WANT, to express these thoughts, these entities, but MIND LOVED Itself and did not want to give up those thoughts, those portions of energy for they were Itself, CREATOR, ALL THAT IS.

It was a dilemma, a paradox, an unsolvable one it seemed.  To express these thoughts would mean that Creator would have to separate them from ITSELF.  Could CREATOR, MIND, solve this mystery, this paradox?  ONE, UNITY was all it knew.  As the eons passed the agony grew, all the thought energies within kept seeking significance, an existence. MIND sought a solution to this dilemma of how to create without giving up that which was KNOWN as ONE, ITSELF.

Slowly an idea not known before began to form in MIND; a new concept unknown previously to this timeless, ageless being.  It came slowly at first taking more form as it grew within MIND.  As the idea grew so did the feeling behind it; a desire for creation of Separateness-Within-Unity.

As the idea formed so did the ability to imagine all the possibilities that could grow from this new idea of Separateness-Within-Unity.  Creator imagined how this would allow each of the parts of ALL THAT IS to be a thing in its own right and still be a part of the ONE, the Unity.  Every part would provide a perspective of its own, different from all others, viewing existence from its own center.  Creator imagined, thought, created within its own mind how each part experiencing existence from its own viewpoint would provide Creator with experiences beyond limits; adding to Creator’s own expansion while each part learned in its own right the depth and dimension of ALL THAT IS.  Creator embraced fully the idea of Separateness-Within-Unity.

Filled with DESIRE, a desire that grew into an unbearable longing, a passion that was fueled by the very entities Creator had brought into being and that struggled to be free, Creator in an enormous gesture of love, trust, and surrender simply let go.  It gave up limits that had formed within MIND and by doing that Creator set into action the cause that broke up the energy that hemmed IDEA in.

The result was an explosion of creativity that became the seeds of mental universes; seeds that were an indivisible bit, a fragment of aware driven energy of Creator Itself.  Each fragment being a holographic image of CREATOR would have a perspective unique to it filled with the desire to know and to love that which had given it existence.  Each seed, having memory of the cosmic conditions prior to existence, were aware of SOURCE, CREATOR, which had set it free but yet of which it still remained a part.

Each part was a hologram containing the same abilities and capabilities as that which manifested it but yet lesser than that from which it was manifested.  [An observable primary principle of manifestation is simply that anything which is manifested cannot be greater than that which manifested it to begin with.  A basic law of creativity that extends even to us such that anything that we create cannot be greater than that which is possible from the totality of what we are.   Whether it is a picture, a writing, an invention, anything that we are capable of creating, nothing we can create will ever exceed that which is possible based on all that we are.]

The UNIVERSE and everything in it came into being in the form and with the abilities of Creator.  We have a mentalness, a mentalness made of three parts; self conscious, self unconscious, and higher or primal conscious.  We have an existence; an existence that can take many forms but at the primal level exists as an intelligent, aware conscious energy.  That existence, that primal energy contains within it a flow, an interconnectedness; a spirit that is connected to all things that are formed from the same source primal energy.  ALL THAT IS, IS ONE.

Return of The Wisdom Teachings

Universal wisdom relating to the growth and expansion of a consciousness as it progresses through the evolution cycle toward reunifying with the infinite energy that began this universe has been presented on this planet since man first appeared.  There are references to those teachings and more specifically there are references to them being brought back to the attention of mankind at various “turning points” that occur in the cyclical changes of the planet.

Sometime back I decided to project a question to those beings who are part of my guides and guardians about the subject of the return of those teachings.   The following is the question as it was stated and the response that I received in return.


What can you tell us about the prophesies concerning the return of the ancient teachings in the Talmud of Immanuel and in the Phoenix Journals?


The prophesies of which you refer in intent and focus are true and accurate. There will be those who as predicted in those prophesies will appear to once again bring forth the teachings.

They will again reveal and emphasize the teachings in relation and regard to the Laws of Creation. Those teachings will include those of the one you call Immanuel and many others as well and will bring to the fore even more teachings that go beyond them. They will be true to the ways of the workings of the Universe.

In these times of change, the teachings will be a sorely needed source of stability and clarity that earth humans will seek for. Each of those chosen will bring teachings to groups small and large but never in great sizes.

It will be as it always has been those that have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” will be the flock to which the word is given. Because that which they will come to deliver will be so disruptive to the false teachings and holdings of those of the masses the messengers will be persecuted and hunted by those in power.

We are done on this issue. Is there more we can do for you at this moment?

Receiving no further inquiries, we adjourn. Salud until we once again commune with you.



As I was contemplating this morning how much goes through my mind I was drawn to the fact that I can tell the difference between those thoughts that are “my” own and those that originate from a source other than “me”.

When I say that I have thoughts that come from me I mean that there are thoughts that my mind originates about things that deal directly with things in the physical existence world. Such thoughts I would consider that they would mostly be about mundane everyday things. What clothes to wear or things that I need to get done as an example.

Thoughts that come from a source other than my immediate ego/personality self have a different “feel” and “knowing” about them than my “ego” generated thoughts do. These thoughts are always concerning more lofty things than my everyday thoughts.

These are thoughts that can be about what I should be doing in a higher sense, books that need to be written or more abstract and philosophical ideals. They not only have a different “feel” to them but they also come from a different location than the originating place for my thoughts.

It really is hard to explain but if I make the effort to put myself into the mode of awareness of my thoughts I can easily tell which are which. Often I find that the thoughts continue and expand on various avenues of thought that I start to think about.

As an example, I might start to think about where I am in my growing and expansion during this lifestream and suddenly I find that my thoughts are moving along a line that says I wouldn’t be where I am unless some person or persons had not come before me and provided a source for knowledge and learning that was needed to get me to that place.

I started thinking about an idea that I had for a book based on the channelings of LL Research. As I was mentally pursuing that line of thinking I suddenly found my thoughts channeled toward the fact that had it not been for Don, Carla, and Jim there would have been no RA communications and I would not have had the exposure to so much vital information to help me proceed along my journey of awakening.

Each of us if we were to choose to do so could look along the events that make up our own lifestream and find many examples of where if it had not been for some far off strangers having played their role in the cosmic dance the ingredients to make us what we are would not have been. From the Infinite Creator’s mind it all rolled forth to be kept rolling by all that exists including those consciouses that exist as the unseen.



You hear a lot of people, including so called gurus and New Age experts, using a lot of buzzwords and terms that are specific to what is going on in the world today or at least should be going on. I often wonder if the people using the terms much less those hearing them really has any idea what they mean.

Personally, I agree with the late Neville Goddard that unless you can truly explain something to someone else in a way that they can understand it you do not really have sufficient knowledge of the subject to fully grasp its meaning. The term “raising consciousness” is such a term. Many of the so called experts and gurus use the term but never seem to get around to explaining it so anyone has enough knowledge about raising consciousness so that they can pass that meaning it to someone else.

Those sitting in an audience at a seminar/workshop go “oh, okay, I got that” but you know in your heart that they don’t really? When the seminar/workshop is over, can you really tell whether your own consciousness is rising or not? As you walk out the door can you on your own put together a plan to raise your consciousness? Do you have any idea what it takes to literally elevate your consciousness to a “higher dimensional thought pattern”? Do you have even a minor understanding of what particular consciousness is being referred to that is being needed to be raised?

Sobering thoughts, aren’t they? How much money have you spent trying to find answers to that question that often defies the ability to form into some sort of mental picture of? I know that the reason you’ve paid for and sit in those seminars and workshops was because somewhere deep within you there was a feeling that something wasn’t right. A feeling that life isn’t as it seems and you know you are missing some knowledge about what life is really like. That feeling can be very disconcerting and frustrating if you can’t find the knowledge you need to feed that nagging desire. The desire that for millennia has often been described as a thirst.

To try to point you in the right direction and help start you toward finding some meaning about this subject, together let’s take a look at how we can take a general look at what we’ll call your consciousness or the sum total of your daily thought patterns. The actual thought patterns we’re talking about are the ones that you can become actively aware of. There are thoughts that almost take place without us being able to consciously control them, we aren’t talking about those, as they begin to take care of themselves in time if you simply address the ones you can do something about.

Our consciousness is the sum total of our thought patterns for a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, it doesn’t matter what period, we simply need to look at it as the sum total of how we think about things. Let me try to break that down a little further so that you can get a better grasp of the concept. An average person has between 12,000 and 50,000 individual thoughts every day which combined make up the sum total of our thought pattern for a given day.

Now that’s a lot of thinking about things. We could think about the attitude of the clerk at the grocery store, how sexy that person was that just walked by, what errands we need to do on the way home, the fight we had with someone in our life or any of an infinite number of things. You know it’s just normal everyday mental processing.

The interesting thing is that science has determined that out of those 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts that we have every day approximately 80% is generated with a negative viewpoint attached to them. Take for example the clerk in the grocery store with the attitude, your thought would probably be along the line of how dare that clerk to force their negativity on me which in turns causes me to move toward anger or hostility or some similar pattern but you get the idea. So you see, this is how you go through most of your days. Pretty much reacting to events in your life from a less than positive point of view!

So you see when we speak about raising your consciousness to a higher level or dimension of thought we are simply indicating that what you should be trying to do is raise that average up toward a greater level of “positive” thoughts. Now, how could I possibly achieve that?

Well one easy way is to begin to make yourself to be aware of what thoughts you are generating. Again with the grocery store clerk, if I am trying to keep myself attuned to the type of thoughts I am having I might catch myself taking in the stimulus of their “bad” attitude and catch my mental gears beginning to regurgitate that through in a way that I feel myself beginning to “get a rise out of the situation”. At that point I can with effort stop myself and begin to “rationally and consciously” redirect my thoughts along the line that they probably have had a very bad day and that instead of giving them an “attitude” back I should simply smile give them all the understand and love I can to try to “lift their spirits”. In this way I begin to reprogram my conscious mental processes along a more “positive” path.

I’m not going to tell you it’s a quick or effortless process because it’s not. It isn’t difficult, it just takes perseverance, dedication and a true heart based desire to make yourself better than you are. That’s all. You will not be able to catch yourself “in the act” all the time or even most of the time in the beginning. Even if you simply go back as soon as you realize what happened after the fact and evaluate how you thought about the situation, decide how you should have handled it, make an intention to catch “in the act” and to handle it differently next time, and do so this regularly, you will find that before you know it you’ll be catching yourself “in the act”.

So until next time form yourself an intent and declaration that you will do this, keep a daily journal where at the end of each day you go back over your day before retiring writing down every situation that you can identify, what thoughts were created by this situation, how it was handled correctly or how it should have been handled, and if you fail off the wagon get right back on again. Don’t ever give up!